Become a Blogger at Zjell

Who is a Blogger?

Anyone who can write about some thing in a readers friendly format along with some pictures. The topics of writing can be any of your interest areas, expertise, unique skills, profession, experiences, etc.

Why to become a Blogger?

  1. Enjoy your hobby, experiences, skills, more by sharing it with people around world.

  2. Become popular as and get large connections and followers on internet. 

  3. Earn extra income online without affecting your current job / responsibilities.

  4. Flexible time - you can write in your free time anywhere anytime.

  5. Improve your writing skills, learning skills, communication & presentation skills.

How to become a Blogger at Zjell ?

Become a Blogger Member at Zjell.Com and create your profile with basic details. At Zjell.Com we will provide you access to write Blogs and post it on Zjell Leading online marketing & management site and share on any other website of your choice Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

How to earn money as Blogger on Zjell?

Once your blog start becoming popular and gets more than 100 views you will start earning from Zjell and you will become a paid blogger at Zjell

As a member of Zjell you will also get an opportunity to create your profile on ZjellBook.Com and get opportunities from various clients of Zjell.