Demand Creation
Businessmen with Umbrellas

Sales Scouts

Business Management

India Market Entry

Sell online in India through Zjell Network. India Market Entry & Development. Sales staff training.

Sales Training

Buy "Sales Training" program to Train your sales employees and Improve Sales Team Performance.

SEO Ranking

Low price highly effective SEO services for improving your website ranking and increase traffic. 

Content Strategy

Creating & sharing of videos, blogs, and social media posts unique, expert and indexable content for your brand.


Book Fashion Models, Social Media Influencers, Event Promo Models at our Models' Directory & Online Database. 

Brand Ambassadors

Develop and launch your "Social Brand Ambassador Program" and enhance online presence of your company.

Meeting the Staff

Sales & Marketing

Events & Trade Shows

Helping you to host, participate, catering, language translators, event hostess at very low cost for trade shows & events.


Find & hire high performance resources / team in business, HR, Admin, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc. 

Personal Branding

Create & develop your Personal Brand to get faster growth, increase earnings, enhance popularity & motivation.

ShoutOut Emails

Low price email marketing campaigns are most effective and easy to monitor the customer engagement.

Fashion Models

Book fashion models or buy low price photos of fashion and beauty models for your digital, web, blog and prints.

Lingerie Models

Hire Lingerie Models, Fashion Models, Event Promo Models at our Models' Directory & Online Database

India Sales Agents

Find & hire Sales Agents in India to take market entry, develop india market, sales growth in India at very low cost.

Advertising & Branding

Develop, position, enhance, protect your brand, launch ad campaigns, corporate branding, awareness, loyalty programs.

International Marketing

Employee Branding

Train and develop your employees to make them compatible with your company values and brands. 

Digital Marketing

Buy at very low price "Digital Marketing" Services to promote your brand and new offerings for 3 to 5 months.

Professional Blogs

Low price Blogging services to help in creating mass awareness about the benefits & ranking of your offerings.

Social Media

Low price campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram websites to increase your brand's online reputation.

Swimsuit Models

Hire Swimsuit Models, Fashion Models, Event Promo Models at our Models' Directory & Online Database

International Sales Agents

Find & hire Sales Agents in International Markets in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, USA, and Central Asia.


Marketing & Advertising

 Market Research 

  • Customers, Price, Competition

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Route to Market

 Market Development 

  • Market Segmentation

  • Direct Marketing

  • Distribution Network Setup

  • Customer Visits / Presentations

 Inbound Marketing 

  • Content development

  • Blogging & Forums

  • WOM Influence Marketing

  • Infographics & Image Gallery

  • Online Videos & Slideshare

  • Social Media Posts

  • Social Media Brand Ambassadors

  • Case Studies & Webinars

  • Online Modelling Agency

  • Online Promotional Events

 Outbound Marketing 

  • ShoutOut emails

  • Telemarketing & SMS

  • Banner and display ads

  • Road Shows Billboards

  • Newspaper & magazine ads 

  • Cold calling & lead generation

  • TV and radio ads

Market Entry


 30 Target Markets 

  • India | Bangladesh | Nepal

  • Thailand | Vietnam | SriLanka

  • Mauritius | Madagascar

  • Ethiopia | Kenya | Tanzania

  • Uganda | Rwanda | Zambia

  • Mozambique | South Africa

  • Senegal | Ivory Coast | Ghana

  • Algeria | Morocco | Egypt

  • Turkey | Romania | Ukraine

  • UK | France | Italy | Germany

  • UAE | Oman | Qatar | Lebnan

 7 Product Groups 

  • ​Fashion Clothing

  • Health & Beauty​

  • Food & Drinks

  • Home Improvement

  • Office Improvement

  • Home Appliances

  • Industrial Goods


 Customer Services 

  • Warehousing

  • eStore Setup

  • Ecommerce

  • COD payments

  • Forex support

  • Installation & replacement

Staffing & Development


 Management​ & Skilled 

  • Senior level management

  • Sales & marketing staff

  • Customer service staff


 Independent Professionals 

  • Sales Representatives

  • Marketing Consultants

  • Sales Agents

  • Accounting Consultant

  • Tax & Legal Consultants


 Temporary Staffing 


 Sales Excellence 

  • Sales Management Training

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Employee Branding

  • Digital Marketing Training

  • Product knowledge & training

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