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Market research is process of collecting useful data and information for the purpose of taking right decision about the target market and customers to plan and achieve success of new product. 

Political survey is method to collect mood, choice personal details about potential voters to make most successful political campaigns help achieving winning in the elections. 

Get best market research company service, survey, feasibility study, industry analysis report, focus group online, intelligence at ZJELL. Marketing research is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing an organization. Companies use marketing research in a wide variety of situations. For example, marketing research gives marketers insights into customer motivations, purchase behaviour, and satisfaction. It can help them to assess market potential and market share or measure the effectiveness of pricing, product, distribution, and promotion activities.


To carry out marketing analysis, planning, implementation and control, managers need information. At ZJELL we are capable of delivering high level of satisfaction due to our main strengths are deep understanding of India market, comprehensive research experience, excellent professionalism, business ethics, competitive price and high-quality services, nationwide service network, and internationalised market research methodology.

Market Research company

We offer incisive and penetrative studies on market to facilitate smart decisions for the smooth-sail of your business. Our market studies have been prepared after evaluating long-term market trends, alongside the wider operating environment and various external macro-factors. Besides delivering precise information on current market size, our reports offer refined forecasts on a market’s trajectory. Our team of experienced market analysts measure and forecast demand and supply forces in the market. In addition, we offer qualitative and quantitative analysis of prevailing trends to support your decision-making.

Our market feasibility reports and analysis include studying economic and demographic trends, identifying comparable projects or those in pipeline, interviews of industry leaders, and identifying competitive properties. Other than helping in decision-making, we gauge the viability of your existing strategies while identifying your key problem areas at the same time.

Market Research

Our research services include opinion and perception insights, segmentation, satisfaction and loyalty research, behaviour usage & attitude, data collection, branding, industry analysis, competitive analysis, pricing research, usability testing, stakeholder audits and market entry, market sizing.

We have expertise in wide range of industries including Consumer Markets, Business to Business research (B2B), Industrial, Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Information Technology, Travel, Retail, Advertising research, Financial Services, Automotive, Food, and Cosmetics.

Benefits of Market Research & Analysis

  • Find barriers to grow your business

  • Make informed business decisions

  • Low cost market knowledge for small business and Start-ups

  • Strategise business policies

  • Formulate Strategy to achieve sustainable growth

  • Understand the significance and impact of market dynamics

  • Ensure optimum growth in the market

  • Market Entry Strategy, International Expansion

  • Deep dive Market Studies

  • Market Segmentation and Growth Strategy

  • Mega Trends impact on specific industry-Forecasting

  • Product to Market Assessment

  • Portfolio and Acquisition Assessment

  • Find Best channel to maximize sales

  • Threat evaluation and determent from domestic companies

  • Distribution channel landscape of key competitors

  • Identification and due diligence of potential distributors

  • Risk evaluation and barriers to entry

  • Cost analysis and profitability across the industry value chain

  • Identification of target customers

  • Customer need analysis and buying behaviour

  • Customer segmentation analysis

  • Customer perception of self and competition

  • Identification of merger, acquisition and partnership targets

  • Partner selection & vendor management

  • Market segmentation, Market sizing, Better Forecasting

  • Market potential analysis, Define relevant markets

  • Uncover new opportunities

Target Markets

  • Healthcare

  • Recreation

  • Energy and Power

  • Consumer Goods

  • Agriculture

  • Services

  • Automotive

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Food and Beverages

  • Aerospace and Defence

  • Banking and Finance

  • Chemicals and Materials

  • Company Reports

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Market Research Services

  • Market feasibility Study and Report

  • Market intelligence studies

  • Focus Group

  • Market analysis

  • Relevant, fact-based research

  • Customer, company data collection

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Consumer surveys

  • Market Monitoring Services

  • Business intelligence

  • Syndicated research report

  • Customised research

  • Sales enablement research

  • Opportunity Assessment

  • Competitor Assessment

  • Product Valuation

  • Geographic reports

  • Product positioning analysis

  • KPO (knowledge process outsourcing)

  • Competitor profiling including financial performance

  • SWOT, PESTEL and Porter’s analysis

  • Competitor benchmarking

Market Report Scope

  • Industry Outlook & Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

  • Market Segmentation & Value Chain Analysis

  • Industry Dynamics

  • Drivers

  • Restraints

  • Key Opportunities

  • Application Outlook

  • Technology Outlook

  • Regional Outlook

  • Country-level Analysis

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Company Market Share Analysis

  • Key Company Profiles

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What is Syndicated Market Report?

Syndicated reports provide detailed market coverage and analyst insight into the various markets we continuously track. These reports are formulated with a broader industry audience in mind and provide a snapshot into the attractiveness, potential and competitive landscape of a market. Our syndicated reports are updated every year, making sure that all trends and insights are captured and analysed in a single report.


The aim is to provide privileged access to painstakingly undertaken research data by subject-matter experts from a variety of industries. This includes market trends, growth figures, new ventures, and forecasts, by reliable agencies.


What is Custom Market Research Report?

These are focused research reports and fully tailored intelligence solutions to meet the unique business requirements of any organization. Our deep industry expertise coupled with cross-functional analyst teams ensures we can support the intelligence requirements of even the most specific of business problems. We provide a host of services from Market Entry to Technology Assessment, all uniquely tailored to the requirements of each client.

Custom Market Research provides clients with focused, comprehensive and tailored research across all industries. We know that the information found in syndicated reports won’t always satisfy every client's needs. Our custom research services are altered to each client's specifications, focusing on their specific area of interest and answering any questions they may have.


Custom research services typically deal with the creation of tailored and client-centric reports. Research involves extensive secondary and primary research combined with expert validations to provide clients highly reliable specified data. It typically encompasses Granular Market Segmentation, Market Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Product Assessment, Market Access Strategies, Product Life cycle Management Strategy, Consumer Surveys.

What we Do in Market Research?

We help our clients in better decision making across various markets, B2C, B2B, Industry Investors, Investment Bankers, Research Professionals, Emerging Companies, Raw Material Suppliers, Product Suppliers, Research Institutes. Our services help clients to make informed strategic decisions to leverage expertise and minimalize risks by Ascertaining target potential customers. Identifying key market trends and competitor strategies Analyzing competitors’ products, pricing, financials, sales, and strategy. Identifying investment opportunities Interpreting Market Entry Prospects.


What is the Methodology?

The most important and first step in market sizing and forecasting is data collection. For market sizing and forecasting, we use multiple primary and secondary sources but not limited to financial records, historical market data, interview with major players/vendors across the value chain. Once the data is collected from demand and supply side our analyst uses our proprietary model to size and forecast markets.


To predict market trends, our analysts analyse both supply and demand side trend, assessment of new technologies, investment trends, socio economic trends, macroeconomics trend and spending trend of end users. Our market forecasts use primary interviews with players involved in each phase of a supply chain and secondary research to help you fully understand how the future markets and the spending patterns looks like.

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What is focus group research and how it is done?

Focus Group is a small sample of typical consumers under the direction of a group leader who elicits their reaction to a stimulus such as an ad or product concept. Focus Groups encourage depth of thought, fresh thinking, and idea generation.  A Focus Group brings between 15 and 20 decision makers to a focus group facility.  Respondents provide qualitative insight on questions that matter to you. This Qualitative Research method can inform subsequent quantitative and strategy research projects.

Online Focus Groups

The Online Focus Group is a new method where respondents and the moderator have an audio, video, or chat discussion.  Clients can also observe in real-time. Professionals are busy, and this method can be more convenient. Another advantage of the online focus group is that it can assemble respondents over vast geographies, which can be particularly helpful in specialised, niche industries. Online Groups can be a cost-effective, convenient, efficient way to generate qualitative insight.

What we target in Focus Group?

  • Purchasing Processes

  • Motivation to buy

  • Drivers of brand loyalty

  • Unmet customer needs

  • Product Development

  • Marketing message testing

  • New Concept Testing

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Pricing & Willingness to Pay

  • Preferences, Likes and Dislikes

  • Packaging insights

  • Competitive Intelligence

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Primary Research

The primary research is conducted through e-mails, face-to-face, and telephonic interviews. This helps analyze the market's scope, market dynamics, industry competitiveness, micro, and macro factors.

Email and Mobile Surveys: Rapid and streamlined surveys generally work best with B2B audiences.

Tele-Depth Interviews: Popular since they are generally more convenient and cost-efficient than face-to-face meetings.

  • In-Office Ethnography

  • Video and Skype Interviews

  • Central Location Tests

  • Telephone & Online surveys

  • Key Opinion Leader research

  • Decision Maker Interviews

  • C-Level interviews

  • Executive Roundtables

  • Co-Creation Sessions

  • Brand Development Workshops

  • White Paper development

  • Focus Groups 

Sources of Primary Research:

  • Manufacturers

  • Traders, Retailers, Distributors

  • R&D Department

  • Technical Experts

  • End-Users of the product

Secondary Research

Secondary research, known as desk research or literature research, can also derive information from published sources. These materials may include brochures, press releases, published reports, databases, advertising, government filings, news articles, photographs, books, blogs, social networks, journals, letters and memos. For international projects, these searches are conducted within the target countries and local languages.

Sources of Secondary Research:

  • Associations

  • Company Annual Reports

  • Journals

  • White papers & Research Publications

  • External Verified Databases

  • Internal Database

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