Digital Marketing Manager, Hyperlocal project lead at MSIL, Social media marketing, Lead Generation,Key Account Management,Sales Strategy,Distribution Management,Channel Management,CRM,Sales Promotion,Sales Planning

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Consultant 205

Delhi / NCR

Marketing & Communication

After handling the regional responsibility for the hyperlocal project, I was promoted to the digital marketing department of the organisation to overlook the hyperlocal project from company's perspective. Right from the start of the project I have handled the dealer side planning for Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh dealers. The current roles and responsibilities involved are:- Overlook the hyperlocal project at all India level- Network expansion of the project to emerging and rural outlets- Improving the quality and conversion of digital enquiries - Focussing on optimizing campaign at regional level and all India level- Using CDP techniques like creating lookalike audience and supression techniques to improve ROI of the project- Focussing on the bottom funnel campaigns and make sure there is sufficient audience at the top by optimizing top of the funnel spend- monitoring CTR of creatives, CPL and CPR of the program

Marketing Experience
Annual Contract Cost
Graduation degree
PG Degree
5 Year(s) 9 Month(s)
Maruti Suzuki
Rs 20 Lakhs