Marketing and communications professional | MBA | 12 years experience |

Head - Marketing

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Gurgaon/Gurugram, Bangalore/Bengaluru, New Delhi

Marketing & Communication

With 12 years behind me, I have been able to gather marketing experience through the troughs and victories that came my way. I have worked ardently with industry stalwarts, crafted marketing plans for new-age startups and learnt immensely from the tough taskmasters. These years have been an absolute delight!My journey has it all. From starting out as an ERP consultant to quitting to become a marketeer. From executive marketing plans with unplanned rather minuscule budgets to handling millions.The journey to my current organization Orange Business services has been an adventure. I have worked to develop my skills in:-Strategic Marketing -Communication capabilities-Project/Product Marketing-Website & Content management-GTM Strategy & Budget Management-Social Media Marketing -Rebranding & Transformation-Event Management & PRand a lot moreCurrently, as a Senior Communication Manager, I have an exciting profile that has been marked with achievements and learnings.

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