Marketing and Communications; Media, Entertainment, Social Media Advertising, Trade Alliances; Events ; Strategy and Execution; Corporate Social Responsibility

Head - Corporate Communication

Marketing Consultant 582

Visakhapatnam/Vizag, Delhi / NCR

Marketing & Communication

Started working in 1997. Worked and gathered experience in service sector and off late into B2B and B2C. Managed cross- functional responsibilities across sales/marketing/corporate-communication/trade-development-national-international alliances/events/PR/branding/corporate-affairs/CSR. Setting new ventures, part of organization from their initial stage and ventured into areas / responsibilities having no prior experience. Now associate with companies as consultant driving mandates strategic level, working directly with the Founder / Director /CEO etc. Keen to be a part of vibrant ecosystem and bring value. Interested in sectors /areas other than what I have been part off; to stretch beyond the horizonsHighly motivated, positive and goal-oriented approach with professionalism and strong ethics.Successfully strategized and established brands/functions/business initiatives/alliances and some failures tooGenerating new memberships/sponsorships/business

Marketing Experience
Annual Contract Cost
Graduation degree
PG Degree
24 Year(s) 0 Month(s)
Ad Tech n IOT Company & Vihara Foundation &
Engineering & Construction
Rs 45 Lakhs