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Head - Creative

Marketing Consultant 748

Gurgaon/Gurugram, New Delhi, Delhi / NCR

Marketing & Communication

I am a communications and content connoisseur who ideates, iterates, agiles, pivots and believes in making the world a better place to livein through storytelling outreach programs. Whether consulting mission driven businesses, coaching nonprofits or guiding MSMEs/solo entrepreneurs to better brand themselves and fulfill their larger purpose, I hold a broad vision and help in facilitating positive consummation and culmination of profits and ethics.I have always crafted clear, coherent, cohesive communications program which differentiates an organization/individual from its peers, cuts across the clichs and unifies to deliver a better service or product. I believe that good marketers are steadfast in their beliefs, authentic in their actions and responsible in their intentions. I talk the talk and walk the walk to help build socially active and human conscious enterprises with a focus on collaboration, customisation and communities.

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