Chief Operating Officer : An open and honest appraisal of the product & brand in the marketplace. And a belief that knowledge can really grow only by applying it to immediate situations.

Head - Marketing

Marketing Consultant 903

Kolkata, Bangalore/Bengaluru, Mumbai (All Areas)

Marketing & Communication

Across my career journey, I have been developing my capability to handle a wide gamut of marketing issues competently. Starting my career in Advertising/ marketing consulting in New Delhi proved to be the perfect start for the work I now do in brand marketing. The agencies gave me ample exposure to the challenges faced by various brands in different service/product categories. I learnt to think about target audience, consumer trust and loyalty, distribution, purchase influencers and so on. Later, I honed my ability to handle strategic marketing & brand communications working for companies to produce their brand messages. Working closely with Marketing agencies, journalists, PR agency, Digital, Retail, Customer Loyalty, Photographers, interior designers, film makers etc, I emerged as a brand custodian.

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Indic FarmOrganics Pvt Lt
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