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Get best level of self awareness, find your unique strengths & capabilities, learn more and more about you, get free personality tests, leadership style, your personal weakness, and areas of improvements. At ZJELL we offer best Services for Self help, Personal branding, Relationship management, Stress management, Personality development, Jobs consulting, career growth, and Counselling.

What you need to sell yourself?

  • Be yourself

  • Know your Uniqueness

  • Competence

  • Connect Skills

  • Caring Attitude

  • Listening more than talking

  • Asking more than telling

  • Likability

  • Be real

  • Relaxed and Confident

Perception Management

Creating and developing audience’s perception that you’re competent and likeable. It isn’t about faking it, or fooling the audience. You can not fool people long time.

People need a trusted and realistic connect and to be cared to position and establish your brand in their minds. 

Many people make a common mistake feeling that an audience needs to see the strong, competent, mature professional and start trying to impress the audience. A wrong assumption about perception of audience makes loose your connect and damage your brand before even it is developed.

Likability Management

Always give people enough time and space to make opinions and develop trust within you first. Remember you can not not communicate. So control your communication and enhance quality of your communication.

What people like in you?

  • Your Face

  • Your Mind

  • Your Voice

  • Your Style

  • Your Humour

  • Your Fashion

  • Your Body

  • Your Words

  • Your Care

  • You / We Attitude

  • Your relationship successes

What People do not like or like less about communicating?

  • Your Competence

  • Your Knowledge

  • Your Strengths

  • Your Skills

  • Your Money

  • Your Achievements

  • Your likes and dislikes

  • Talking too much and not listening

  • Your Justifications

Team Meeting

Scope of Personal Branding

  • Self Help and Personal Problem Solving

  • Personal demand generation and growth

  • Career counselling, personal growth management

  • Self awareness development

  • Personal SWOT Analysis

  • Personality Test, Personality Development Training

  • Relationship Management Training

  • Stress Management, Psychotherapy

  • Personal Branding, Leadership Branding, Impression Management

  • Social Media Presence Popularity Management

  • Employee Branding, Personal Brand Development

  • Personal Portfolio Development

  • Public Relations Management

  • Dietitian & nutritionist consulting

  • Fashion & Fitness consulting

  • Mentor search and management

  • Small and side business consulting

  • Part time job search and consulting

  • Personal finance management

  • Celebrity Impersonators

  • Office politics problem solving

  • Breakup, Dating, and Divorce counselling

  • Fixing Broken Marriage

  • Private Investigation, Due Diligence, Private Detective, Intelligence

  • Spiritual & Healing, Stress Management

  • Love, Friendship, Valentine Gifts Consulting

  • Private Parties, Dinners, Travel & Touring Consulting