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How to get New Job in Recession Time ?

If you have lost your job recently due to recession do not loose hope here are 5 Steps that will help you to get a new job and keep your earning high.

1. Review your CV

The first thing is review your CV with critical thinking to identify what's wrong in the CV. Try to identify what's missing in terms of required skills to retain your job in recession time. Do not regret much if you have found something very wrong - finding a cause is 1st step in solving a problem.

Prepare different lists and review multiple times till you have clear view on the following 3 areas.

• List 3 Expertise

• List 3 Limitations

• List 5 CTC parts

2. Define a new Job Opportunity

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and earning potential will provide you a initial picture of what type of new job you may target in the new industry. Getting into a new job in new industry may not require your all old expertise & skills and at the same time you may realise few of your limitations are might be useful in the new job.

• Target Companies

• Products & Customers

• Team & Management

If you have not enough skills for switching to a new industry then you may require to get a training or join a part time or internship on job training opportunities until you may develop new skills. This will help you retaining same growth in your earnings when you secure the new job. To get a part time or internship assignments you may submit your CV profile on Job Search page on ZJELL.

3. Match your CV to the new Job Opportunities

Once you are ready with your review report on old CV and have defined the new target job opportunity the next step is to preparing a new matching CV with the new job requirements.

This step will help you maximising your employability in new job market. Carefully prepare a new CV considering the following main items must be incorporated in your CV. Your new CV must reflect maximum part of:

• New Industry

• New Products

• New People

To prepare a new CV you can use the free Professional CV Writing Services of ZJELL

4. Job Search & Job Application

Once you are ready with your new CV start uploading it to various at least top 3 Job Portals mainly Naukri.Com & Monster.Com and also upload your CV on Job Search page on ZJELL.

• Job portals & uploads

• Direct application

• Consultants

Prepare a list of top 20 companies in the new industry you are targeting for new jobs and also apply directly on their job page. ZJELL can help you with contact details of the key management people and top consultants from its database to get your new job faster.

Join the membership at ZJELL to become part of its Online Directory program and get jobs enquiry fast.

5. Preparation for New Jobs

The final step is to get ready for what you have projected in your new CV and match same during the job interviews. Focus on the following main areas.

• Required Skills Training

• Interview & Presentation

• Salary negotiation

If you are applying for a sales management job for new industry and new products better to have short term Sales Management Training. To refresh and organise your sales management knowledge you may assess your needs and Join the Sales Management Training program at ZJELL.

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