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Get Calcium Silicate Insulation Board Market Report for India, Customer List, Manufacturers, Distribution Partners, Application at ZJELL. India calcium silicate boards market valuation is anticipated to increase at a CAGR 12% over the forecast period of 2021 to 2025. The market was valued at US$ 168 Million in 2020, which amounted to approx. 20% share of the overall insulation board market, as per the latest study.


Growth of the calcium silicate boards market is attributed to surge in insulation requirements from industries such as petrochemicals and chemicals, which capture the requisite demand of nearly 25% of the market. Apart from their application in petrochemicals and chemical industry, steel & glass industries also have a prime impact on market growth, owing to rise in consciousness towards energy conservation across the globe. These aforementioned factors are set to provide impetus to calcium silicate insulation board consumption in the medium- and long-run forecast period.


Calcium Silicate Boards Market: Advantages that act as Potential Growth Boosters

The advantages etched to the calcium silicate boards may further bring great growth prospects for the calcium silicate boards market. Some of the important advantages are as follows:

Waterproof: Calcium silicate boards have excellent waterproof properties and can be used in bathrooms and other high-humid places. This aspect may bring good growth opportunities for the calcium silicate boards market.

Strength: Calcium silicate boards are made from robust materials, thus being classified as a strong product. They also possess properties such as stability and reliability due to the robustness quotient.

High-Heat Resistance: These boards have an exceptionally high thermal resistance and can remain stable up to 700 degrees Celsius. This factor makes it one of the preferred materials in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.


The Players mentioned in our report

  • Etex Group
  • Wellpool
  • Ramco Hilux
  • Taisyou
  • Skamol
  • Soben Board Group
  • RATH
  • Wedge India
  • A&A Material
  • Promat
  • Hocre Board
  • Red Seal
  • Jinqiang
  • KingTec Materials
  • Ningbo Yihe Green Board
  • Zhejiang Hailong


Key Segments Covered in Calcium Silicate Boards Industry Survey

  • By Board Size
    • 1000 X 500 mm Calcium Silicate Boards
    • 1200 x 2500 mm Calcium Silicate Boards
    • 2400 x 1220 mm Calcium Silicate Boards
    • Others
  • By Application
    • Climate Boards
    • Pipe Section
    • Equipment Insulation
    • Fire Protection
    • Chimneys
  • By End Use
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Petrochemical Industry
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Furnaces
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Steel Industry
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Glass Industry
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Aluminum Industry
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Cement Industry
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Marine Industry
    • Calcium Silicate Boards for Building & Construction Industry


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Calcium Silicate Insulation Board Market Report India

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