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Catalog Commercial Model Modeling Agencyprint photoshoot for catalog fashion beauty product, jewellery, luxury clothing brands, banner, poster, billboard, magazine, newspaper ads, brochure, flyers, news letter at ZJELL Modeling Agency.


Commercial print models are required for advertising for a particular product to marketing for a particular service, or promotional events for housewares, food, travel, cosmetics, etc.


Commercial models work in the print, digital, retail and television industry. Their job is to fit into retail clothing or to successfully be able to endorse a product or service. Accordingly, to the industry's standard sample size, commercial models are hired if they are between 5'6" to 5'11" in the case of females and males are required to be between 5'9" to 6'2". The type of model requirements and preferences change according to the clients.

Print modeling in a nutshell
This type of modeling is more about products—apparel, makeup, accessories, and other consumer goods—and would usually feature people shown in everyday situations. Contrast that with the runway and editorial styles and you see just how different your approach might be if you decide to go this route.

By sheer volume and demand, print modeling is perhaps among the more in-demand types of modeling. After all, there are all these newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards, and other print media that feature advertisements and features pieces. Of course, given that the requirements for commercial print modeling—about which we’ll go into more detail later—aren’t as strict as with other types, there are also more people competing for jobs.

The requirements for commercial print models aren’t as strict as your typical fashion model. That’s why there’s no need to have second thoughts if you want to try this route. Being attractive is a good start, but as for the height, weight, and all that other technical stuff, print is more forgiving and accommodating. You may be a few inches shorter than runway models, or you might not have the same build—but you can definitely make it.

When marketing yourself for commercial print, you may also need to fine-tune your portfolio. Glamour shots are good and all, but you might want to get more lifestyle-centric images for your comp card or portfolio to make it easier on agencies given the sheer number of people who also want to get in on the action.
Fashion modeling also includes modeling clothing in fashion magazines.



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Catalog Commercial Model Modeling Agency

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