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Create Dropshipping Online Store Site design development maintenance management low price at ZJELL. Get best price for Dropshipping website site development and Management Services for your new venture at very low cost for Start Ups New Businesses. 


Cost Price for Website Making & Management

The basic site package for  Dropshipping Site Design, Building, Management includes:

Dropshipping Store Basic Design & Updates, Dropshipping Store Management Tools, Name Search - Unique Brand Name for Site, Domain Brand Name, SSL Certificate, Storage Space, GB, Logo Design, Favicon, Forms Setup, Forums, Members - SignUp Login, Domain Email, Instagram Feed Setup, Facebook Pixel Setup & Management, Online Secure Payment Setup, Customer Accounts, Bandwidth, Video Hours, Products Upload, Abandoned Cart Recovery, Multiple Currency Setup, Sell on Facebook & Instagram Shop, Dropshipping Products By Alibaba Modalyst, Product Page Building, Product Reviews


At ZJELL we are helping our clients how to start online business with Dropshipping Store or Ecommerce Website at very low cost with free trials for market tests. Get best dropshipping ecommerce online store website start products selling business at low cost less time quick profits make money zjell.


Benefits of Online Store Ecommerce Business

  • Lower Overheads.
  • Lower new market entry and starting cost.
  • Multi-channel selling.
  • Flexible operating location.
  • High scalability.
  • Lower Financial & working capital
  • High payment security

What is the cost of basic Dropshipping Online Store Ecommerce Website?

At ZJELL we offer best price for Dropshipping Store, Online Store, Ecommerce Websites for both setting up the site and marketing of the site. If you can do Marketing of your site on your own we can support you free of cost and help you to solve regular problems.

Here is a tentative estimate of basic Online Store you can start with. 


Dropshipping Site Design, Building, ManagementQuantityFixed Cost, INRVariable Cost, INR/Month
Dropshipping Store Basic Design & Updates11370033000
Dropshipping Store Management Tools10650
Name Search - Unique Brand Name for Site519700
Domain Brand Name100
SSL Certificate100
Storage Space, GB30050
Logo Design12000
Forms Setup111200
Members - SignUp Login19000
Domain Email10570
Instagram Feed Setup10572
Facebook Pixel Setup & Management105000
Online Secure Payment Setup100000116
Customer Accounts10000090
Video Hours100130
Products UploadUnlimited0290
Abandoned Cart RecoveryAll050
Multiple Currency Setup500
Sell on Facebook & Instagram Shop1030
Dropshipping Products By Modalyst250096
Product Page Building15000
Product Reviews3000070
Total Site Design & Management Cost, INR 1849040804

Dropshipping Online Store Site Design Development

SKU: DST0001
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