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Buy at very low price Fire Resistant Gypsum Boards in 12 and 15 mm thickness at wedge. Just in 15 to 17 INR / SQF.



SIZE: 15MM X 1220 X 2440MM | Price = 17 INR / SQF
SIZE: 15MM X 1220 X 1830MM | Price = 17 INR / SQF
SIZE:12.5MM X 1220 X 2440MM | Price = 15 INR / SQF


Gypsum Board HSN HS Code: 68091100


Other better alternative Fire Resistant Board option for fire protection is Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Boards. It is best and strongest option with very hgih strength and very low thickness for fireproof ceiling application. To get price please send email or call us now. 


All gypsum panels are fire resistant and produced in a range of thicknesses, core formulations and optional special performance enhancements. Individual boards are produced with square edges along the width of each panel and tapered edges along the length to simplify joint finishing. The applicable product standard for Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels is ASTM C1396.


Advantages and Benefits
Enhanced fire resistance was one of the first specialty performance characteristics added to standard gypsum panels, but until recently it has been primarily used in commercial and multi-tenant applications. It has much to offer single-family residential design and construction too.

Fire Resistance – Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels are designed to be used in the construction of wall and floor / ceiling systems that reduce flame spread and smoke generation better than standard gypsum board. Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels are classified for use in UL assemblies that can deliver fire ratings up to 3 hours in ceilings and as long as 4 hours in wall and column systems.


Construction Efficiency – Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels are just as easy to install and finish as the standard gypsum panels covering the largest proportion of interior wall and ceiling surfaces in most single-family homes. Cutting and reliable compatibility with a broad range of finishing treatments make them a popular and efficient construction choice to provide enhanced fire safety in new construction as well as remodeling.


Noise Sound Insulation – Gypsum drywall panels have long been recognized as an effective material in the construction of interior partitions designed to help control unwanted noise because of their mass and density. Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels perform this role especially well. Fire-Resistant Gypsum Board can be used in any assembly where the corresponding UL-classified 1/2” Type C or 5/8” Type X drywall is approved.


Limitations To achieve the performance objectives specified for the walls and ceilings of a single-family residential project, a number of important limitations should be followed to ensure success.


These recommendations are intended to provide general information only about considerations that are common in this category of special performance gypsum products:
1. Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels are intended for interior use only

2. Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels are nonstructural and are not designed to be a fastener base for mounting other materials to walls or ceilings

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures exceeding 125°

4. Wall and floor cavities must be dry before closing up or applying interior finishes

5. Not intended for constant exposure to moisture, ponding or cascading water

6. To prevent mold and mildew growth, avoid exposure to water during handling, storage, installation and after installation is complete.


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Wedge is leading source for gypsum boards good quality large manufacturers in India.

Fire Resistant Gypsum Board

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