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How to become model, get best modeling training online at ZJELL to become influencer, celebrity, brand ambassador, highly paid Photoshoot, ad film, brand promotion, social media projects.


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If you are planning to become a model or want to live like a model you must learn basics of modelling career. Here are a 4 key steps to keep in mind.


A. Be Active to Get Scouted

Model scouts seek talent to hopefully launch as the new top model on the scene.  Instagram is very visual with Instagram modelling become a big thing in the industry. Scouts are looking to see young talent in real life.

  • Visit local shopping malls, clothing stores in various areas.

  • Attend marketing & promotional events, concerts, and festivals.

  • Wear simple clothes whenever you go out.

  • Keep your hair and make-up minimalist.

  • Create and make your Instagram profile public & professional.

  • Post daily 2 to 3 different kinds of pictures on your profile.

  • Use hashtags to get noticed by brands and agencies.

  • Check your Direct Messages

  • Send Direct Messages to modeling agencies

  • Participate in Instagram recruiting campaigns

B. Get Perfect Body and Face

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because something is fashionable now
doesn’t mean it is the gold standard for perfection. Still you need to follow some Diet plan and Fitness rules to attract maximum attention and Personal Branding.

  • Know your body type. And choose model type matching to your body.

  • Know your personality type. Have good sleep and daily work outs.

  • Have shaped chest / descent size not bulky.

  • Narrow waist. Long and shaped legs. Lean and toned muscles.

  • Make yourself look healthy and well-groomed. keep your skin clear and glowing.

C. Get minimum 3 different Portfolios

Get high quality model portfolio, printable pdf, free website, video, online modeling portfolio. Publish on social media, email to clients, grow your popularity, and gain high personal branding across advertising and media industry, online, google search, social media, FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, fashion magazines, events, fashion shows, top ad agencies. Ask your scout or modeling agency to help in getting a killer modeling portfolio done.

  • A printed look book

  • eBook, Digital Pdf format

  • Online page or microsite (get free online page on ZJELL)

D. Practice Poses, Shots, Expressions

Learn and practice poses, expressions in front of your own mobile camera. There are various types of poses to be practiced that including Standing Pose, Facing the Camera, Profile pose, Against a Wall, Sitting Poses, Leaning Forward, Rest Your Head in Your Hands, Angled Sitting, Leaning Back, On the Floor, Laying Down, Face Poses, Over the Shoulder, Three-quarters Pose, etc. Fashion model poses are hard work. It takes study and practice to be a professional in the industry. Be ready for following main types of photo shoots:

  • Beauty Shot or Clean Head Shot.

  • A Full Length Body Shot.

  • Swimsuit shot for above 18 years of age for lingerie or swimsuit models.

  • Editorial Fashion Shot for Fashion Models.

  • Beauty and makeup shot.

  • A Commercial Shot for Commercial Models.

  • A Strong Closing Shot.

E. Join Modeling Agency

A model agency is a company that represents a models. They are in contact with clients and industry professionals and try to match a model to each industry’s needs. The model agency promotes models on their books, website, social media and aims to find regular, suitable work for them. They run on a commission basis (taking a percentage of the model's earnings and will organise the model’s pay, contracts and any other details. There are many benefits of joining a modeling agency and have them your representation. 

  • Protection And Safety

  • Right Fee Negotiation and Fair Market Value

  • Personal Branding and Career Development

  • Public Relations and Trust

At ZJELL we welcome new models, professional models, celebrities, influencers for representation purely on commission or profit sharing basis without charging and fee. We offer many free benefits to help new models get growing and find highly paid assignments with various established brands.


To become ZJELL Model or Influencer please Join Us and apply to get free online portfolio send your details and our expert team will process your profile for further action.


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