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Get best Video Brochure, Catalog, Advertising Card, Booklet Promotional, Product Presentation, Wedding Invitation low price at ZJELL.  Video brochures can be made any way you want. Use video brochures to power your brand image and increase your market share. We are always here to support your intelligent ideas and great marketing strategies, to record your achievement, winning more market share.

We can make any softcover video brochures and hardcover video brochures, any size, any shape according to your sample and design, including specialty video brochures, business video card and LCD gift boxes, etc. 100% customizable the way you want, and on time delivery of perfect gifts that you will surely have to reach more customers.


Applications of Video Brochures and Cards, Ideal for showing:

  • Production Facilities
  • Products 
  • Services
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Driving Routes
  • Company Bio
  • Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Financial Analysis
  • Company Sales


Features and Specifications:

  • High resolution LCD screens use thin-film transistor technology for the ultimate display
  • Crystal clear audio that is synced with your video
  • Custom designed, printed and programmed for UP remium mailable package for Video PrintAd
  • LCD SCREENS: 2.4, 2.8", 3.5, 4.3, 5", 7.0, 10.1"
  • MEMORY: 256MB~2G (15 60 Minute Video Playback)
  • LIFE: 2-3 hours of continuous playback, 6-12 months standby (battery life)
  • USB PORT: USB access for recharging unit and uploading/modifying content
  • BATTERIES: Internal Li-ion battery. rechargeable via USB. 15-30mins recharge time.


  • Buttons for Multiple Video Activation
  • On/Off Button
  • On-Open Activation via a Sensor
  • Volume Control
  • Specialty Finishing (Spot UV, Embossing, Gold/Silver Foil, Pantones, Metallic Inks, more)
  • Cover Materials: Card Stock, Board stock, Leather & Plastic
  • AC Power Source Capable
  • Continuous Run Cycle
  • Motion Activation
  • USB Cable

Advantages and Benefits of Video Brochures:

Physical brochures help companies send pictures, product specifications, company contact details and a whole host of information to prospects. While a lot of product details can be shared through traditional brochures, it is challenging to convey information about product performance, the method of usage and more.


The video brochure seeks to plug this gap. Today, companies send brochures to their prospects and wait for a call-back to send their sales representative to demonstrate the working of the product. With the video brochure or digital brochure, companies can now eliminate this step, by incorporating all important details in the form of a video. These smart brochures are not only cost eliminators, they are also game changers that give the user the advantage they need to better engage prospective customers.

Video Brochure, Catalog Low Price

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