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International Sales Agents helps in International Marketing & developing International Markets on behalf of the company (principal), introducing its products to potential buyers in foreign target markets, in exchange for a commission based on the value of the business deals arranged and paid to the principal.  The mechanism of commission agent very useful to companies that are launching their products in new markets. This type of contract is ideal for small companies with little or no experience in international trade, as it allows them to access international markets without having to make large investments. Everything is left in the hands of the agent. In foreign markets, the relationship between the sales agent and his clients is governed through the International Sales Commission Agreement.

Types of Sales Agents

1. Direct Selling Agents : Face to Face Presentation, Customer Visits, Personal Relationships

2. Remote Selling Agents : Tele-calling, WhatsApp, Email Selling, SMS.

3. Online Selling Agents : Digital Marketing, Online Presentations, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing

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