Sales & Marketing Executives

Hire best well trained dynamic Marketing and Sales Executives Staff at Low Price on contract basis or permanent employment at ZJELL.. Hire qualified & experienced Sales Reps & Local Sales Agent in more than 550 cities in India and Export markets to grow your sales. Customer details, Local market knowledge, product & price information, competition details. Local Zjell Sales Reps (Representatives) and Agents are independent Sales Resources helping in creating strong Market Intelligence at very Low Cost.


Sales Agents and Reps provide customer & market information services in remote locations & cities where potential customers are based and help enhancing:

Customer Information

  • Contact Details of the Customers

  • Top management details

  • Decision makers details

  • Buyer Details

  • End User details

  • Distributors details

Product Information

Price Information

  • Local wholesale Prices

  • Distributor / Dealer Prices

  • Retail Prices

  • MRPs & Discounts details

Customer Service​