Sales Management Training


Transferring Skills


Changing Behaviour 


Enhancing Impression

Become Sales Trainer / Coach

Sales Trainers & Coach Opportunities

Become Online Sales Trainer or Coach earn more per hour, practice learned skills, enhance personal branding, build networks at Zjell.

​Earn upto 150 USD / 10,000 INR per hour.


Become a Sales Trainer / Coach at Zjell a Leading online marketing & management sitepractice learned skills, personal branding, relationship networking transferring skills, changing behaviours, enhancing  impression at Zjell.

  1. Transferring Skills: Information, Connection, Communication

  2. Changing Behaviours: Self Awareness, Motivation, Team Spirit, Creativity, Learning

  3. Enhancing  Impression: Personal Branding, Customer Service, Problem Solving

Key Result Areas

  • Order Conversion Hit Rate > 70%

  • Sales Target Achieved > 80%

  • Sales Overheads Reduction to < 20%

  • Developed behavior of “Sales Hunters”

  • Developed better Aligned effective “Sales Organization”

  • Defined Sales Process, Customer Touchpoints & Pain points

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