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Calcium silicate for board pizza oven is a Insulation Board with high temperature resistance of upto 1100 Degree C and having very thermal conductivity to reduce heat loss and maintain uniform temperature inside the pizza oven for cooking excellent quality Pizza.


Types of Pizza Insulation Applications and Materials

  • Ceramic blanket insulation for pizza oven
  • Ceramic fibre pizza oven insulation blanket
  • Insulated pizza oven door
  • Insulating fire brick pizza oven
  • Insulation blanket for pizza oven
  • Perlite insulation for pizza oven
  • Pizza oven base insulation
  • Pizza oven dome insulation
  • Pizza oven floor insulation

Wedge lightweight low density & medium density Calcium Silicate Boards are manufactured with Filter Press & Gel Tank Technology to achieve low density, high strength, high temperature insulation, machinability. These boards and machined ready to use designs are most suitable as thermal insulation for processes in various industrial applications.



  • Low thermal conductivity,
  • Resistant to H2, CO, CH4, NH3, N2.
  • Low density & lightweight
  • High thermal resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Vibration resistant
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals
  • Low heat storage



  • High temperature insulation and heat protection
  • Steel industry: smelting, heat distortion and heat treatment plants
  • Ceramic industry: chamber and tunnel furnaces
  • Glass industry: melting furnaces and cooling channels
  • Cement industry: heat exchangers and cyclone separators
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry: thermal cracking reactors and processing plants


Technical Data Sheet:

Quality W-LD650
Colour White
Service temperature°C650
Bulk densitykg/m3220 - 240
Open Porosity%90
Reversible thermal expansionm/m K 
Cold compressive strengthMPa0.75
Flexural strengthMPa0.35
Linear shrinkage @ Service Temperature%1.8
Thermal conductivity  
200 °CW/m K0.062
400 °CW/m K0.095
600 °CW/m K 
800 °CW/m K 
Specific heat capacity at 400 °CkJ/kg K 
Protective gas-resistance CO, NH3, H2, CH4, N2 atmosphere
Standard Sizes  
Lengthmm1000 - 600
Widthmm600 - 300
Thicknessmm25 - 100


MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) = 2500 SQF


Terms & Conditions:

Unit Price:  

INR, Ex-Warehouse Mumbai, the GST be extra at actual rate.


Forex Risk: 

The prices are based on the best possible estimations however if there is any abnormal INR deprecation more than 5 % at the time of order acceptance then actual rate will be applicable.


Payment Term: 

  • For regular customers with approved credit terms for credit limits and days.
  • For new customers 50% Advance and balance against delivery or LC at sight.
  • For any one time project or niche products 100% Advance or LC at sight.
  • PDCs are acceptable only after bank account credit score confirmation.
  • The penalty of 2% of the invoice value will be applicable for delayed payments.


Delivery Term:

Ex-Warehouse, Mumbai / Delhi / Gurgaon and if a buyer fails to take delivery on agreed Date or Delays the Payment, then there will be additional charges of INR 2000 / Pallet / Week.


Delivery Time:

Within 3 to 4 Weeks from the Date of PO and Advance Payment or LC open Date.


Minimum Order Quantity & Value:

The indicated Prices are for the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

Prices for Order quantity lower than MOQ will be provided separately after approval.


Local Transportation & Packing Cost:

Local transportation cost will be extra or on To Pay basis only through recognized Transporter. Packing charges will be extra to protect goods from Damage during transportation.


Transport Insurance:

Insurance will be in Buyer’s account. Rejections due to damage in Transport will be in Buyer’s Account.



  • Special price will be implanted on Order Quantities more than MOQ and Advance Payment Terms.
  • Discount: 3% to 5% on Offer Price for 2 time MOQ Quantity.
  • Discount: 5% to 7% on Offer Price for 3 time MOQ Quantity.
  • Discount: 10% to 12% on Offer Price for 4 time MOQ Quantity.
  • Discount: 5% to 7% on Offer Price for 100% Advance Payment.

Calcium silicate board pizza oven insulation | LD650

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