Dropshipping Service

At ZJELL we offer best dropshipping services to help online stores, Ecommerce websites, retailers, buyers setting up dropshipping business and finding good quality products at low price from manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in India, China, UK, and Africa. We are professional drop shipper in India offering best dropshipping services to grow business, increase sales through low price sourcing products directly from manufacturers at ZJELL.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is order fulfilment service offered by a store owner who don't manufacture, warehouse, or manage products inventory himself instead buys the products from a third party Manufacturer or Supplier who fulfils customer orders directly through them.

Benefits of dropshipping:

  • Lower Overhead cost

  • Lower business starting cost

  • Multi-channel selling

  • Flexible operating location

  • High scalability

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Why dropshipping?

Low Investment and lesser working capital requirement:

With a reliable dropshipping supplier you need not to invest in pre-sales stock, inventories, warehousing rents etc. Dropshipper will absorb this working capital cost. meaning that you won’t need to tie up large amounts of capital in order to start selling online. You focus on simply setting up your online store, advertising, manage payment provider, integrate with dropshipping supplier.

No need Warehousing and Inventory Management: 

You need to manage inventories or stocks dropshipping suppliers will be responsible for warehousing and shipping your products. It will not only help you saving warehousing cost, but also expand your product range. Manufacturing and warehousing are taken care by dropshipping supplier you just focus on managing marketing, advertising, and customer service.

Flexible Location Advantage

You can operate from anywhere no need to worry about pick, pack, load issues. To manage your dropshipping business you just need few laptops and internet and at later stage a small team when the business is growing.  Make sure that you can quickly connect and easily get in contact with your suppliers and customers should there be any queries regarding an order.

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Product Categories at ZJELL Dropshipping 

Here are the most profitable dropshipping niches to choose from:

  1. Outdoor and Home

  2. Fitness Equipment

  3. Beauty Products

  4. Jewellery and Accessories

  5. Pet products

  6. Fashion Clothing

10 Steps Process of dropshipping

When you work with ZJELL a dropshipping supplier, you pay them to fulfil products when a customer places an order. The logistics needs of dropshipping depend on your objectives, however at best the dropshipping process follows following main 10 steps.

  1. You the dropshipping online store, ecommerce website advertise and promote your products online.

  2. You receive order for a product from your customers online.

  3. You make an agreement for policies with ZJELL Dropshipping supplier.

  4. You send your order to ZJELL to fulfil by sourcing, manufacturing, and supplying the product.

  5. ZJELL confirms the availability and inventory of the product.

  6. You process the payment to ZJELL after deducting your margins.

  7. ZJELL process the orders and prepares for the delivery execution. 

  8. After a formal confirmation for dispatch ZJELL picks, packs, and load the shipment to the transporter.

  9. After dispatch ZJELL sends shipping, dispatch documents to you online or to the end customer at the prices indicated by you.

  10. You inform the customers the shipment tracking number for the products on the way.