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A products purchasing agent or sourcing consultant plays a crucial role in helping businesses procure goods and materials efficiently and cost-effectively. They are experts in finding, evaluating, and negotiating with suppliers to ensure the best quality and prices for their clients. Here’s a comprehensive look at what these professionals do, the benefits of hiring them, and tips for choosing the right one for your business.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Products Purchasing Agent / Sourcing Consultant

  1. Supplier Identification:

    • Conduct market research to identify potential suppliers globally or locally.

    • Evaluate supplier capabilities, reliability, and financial stability.

  2. Negotiation:

    • Negotiate terms and conditions of contracts, including pricing, delivery times, and payment terms.

    • Ensure that contracts are favorable and mitigate risks for the client.

  3. Quality Control:

    • Implement quality assurance processes to ensure products meet specified standards.

    • Conduct factory audits and product inspections.

  4. Cost Management:

    • Analyze costs and identify opportunities for cost savings.

    • Optimize the supply chain to reduce expenses without compromising quality.

  5. Logistics Coordination:

    • Manage logistics and shipping arrangements to ensure timely delivery.

    • Handle import/export documentation and compliance with regulations.

  6. Supplier Relationship Management:

    • Maintain strong relationships with suppliers to ensure long-term cooperation and reliability.

    • Address and resolve any issues or disputes that arise.

  7. Market Insights:

    • Provide insights on market trends, new materials, and innovations that could benefit the business.

    • Advise on alternative sourcing strategies to remain competitive.

Benefits of Hiring a Products Purchasing Agent / Sourcing Consultant

  1. Expertise and Experience:

    • Leverage the consultant’s expertise and experience in sourcing and procurement.

    • Benefit from their knowledge of industry best practices and market trends.

  2. Cost Savings:

    • Achieve better pricing through effective negotiation and bulk purchasing.

    • Identify cost-saving opportunities throughout the supply chain.

  3. Time Efficiency:

    • Save time by outsourcing the time-consuming tasks of supplier research, negotiation, and logistics coordination.

    • Focus on core business activities while the consultant handles procurement.

  4. Risk Management:

    • Reduce risks related to supplier reliability, product quality, and regulatory compliance.

    • Ensure contracts are structured to protect your interests.

  5. Scalability:

    • Scale procurement efforts up or down based on business needs without the overhead of a full-time procurement team.

    • Adapt quickly to market changes and demand fluctuations.

purchasing agent

Sourcing Consultant

The sourcing consultant is a strategic purchasing consultant firm or company that helps businesses and individuals to source, purchase, export, or import products and services from most reliable low cost suppliers. The strategic sourcing and procurement process is a critical business function that has a significant and direct impact on profitability performance.

Sourcing consultants have responsibilities to work with its customer company to assist in boosting its productivity and cost control. Main duties include researching data about suppliers, planning and evaluating the process of buying supplies, tracking and analyzing purchasing activities and the procurement of products from a new client or supplier, negotiating costs with suppliers, and controlling the cost of supplies and other expenses involved with running the business.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Study and develop specifications of the products or services to be purchase or sourced.

  • Develop list of suppliers, find, evaluate, select low cost reliable suppliers vendors.

  • Visit potential suppliers, make due diligence report, assess capabilities and strengths of the target suppliers, manage suppliers and conduct financial analysis.

  • Draft, Review, and lead negotiations of third-party supplier contracts, including Master Services Agreements (MSAs), Statements of Work (SOWs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and amendments in cooperation with legal, internal stakeholders and external business partners

  • Advise and influence business stakeholders on supplier and sourcing strategies to maximize enterprise leverage and secure the most favorable commercial and legal terms

  • Negotiate rates, service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs) and other legal and business terms.

  • The Manager Procurement e-sourcing is responsible for building up, operationalizing and monitoring the procurement services (e.g. Content enablement, Contract management, eSourcing, Sourcing Channel creation, process automation, Master data Managemnet), globally.

  • Manage one or more disciplines (Content Enablement, eSourcing, Master Data Management) for the region in collaboration with any peer.

  • Drive operational excellence, process and technology standardization

  • Coordinate the local service delivery of one or more operational processes globally, or regionally or country specific provided by the Services Centres or third party providers.

  • Ensure that globally provided services, processes and tools are being implemented in a standardized, efficient and compliant way to the benefit of the end-user community.

  • Set-up and enable procurement content, such as e-catalogues, smart forms and connections to content marketplaces and external tools.

  • Define and implement the right strategy (RFX, types of eAuctions etc.) for specific eSourcing events by working with category managers and buyers. Manage technical questions from users’ side. Train vendors and stakeholders of the usage of RFX tools (RFI, RFQ, RFP, e-auctions).

  • Develop strong and collaborative working partnerships with key internal stakeholders including both business partners and support functions (legal, finance and risk)\


Sourcing consultants must comply with the terms and conditions of the employment contract, company policies and procedures, and any and all directives (such as, but not limited to, transfer and/or re-assignment to different work locations, change in teams and/or work shifts, policies in regards to flexibility of work benefits and/or work environment, alternative work arrangements, and other decisions that may arise due to the changing business environment).

china sourcing agent

Fully Remote Purchasing Agent

At ZJELL we offer Fully Remote Purchasing Agent services in India and China to find low cost factories and stocks. Our purchasing agents manage the inventory of companies. We research the best suppliers of the required goods, prepare and process orders, and verify deliveries. They negotiate the prices and assess the quality of the purchased products. Requesting quotes and managing the records of the transactions is also their responsibility.

Strengths of ZJELL Sourcing Consultants Purchasing Agents
  • Proven experience as a purchasing agent or relevant role

  • Demonstrable experience in negotiating prices and terms and conditions

  • Knowledge of market research, data analysis and purchasing best practices

  • Working knowledge of MS Office and purchasing software (e.g. SpendMap)

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • A strong analytical mindset

  • Outstanding organizational skills

  • Supply Management and Tracking Budget Expenses

  • Vendor Relationships Organization

  • Documentation Skills and Expertise in Supply Management

  • Knowledge of basic Manufacturing Methods and Procedures

  • Manufacturing Quality, Cost Accounting, Control Engineering

Fully Remote Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agent Job Description

Main jobs, duties, and responsibilities of Purchasing Agents are Obtain Information About Goods and Services, Purchase Goods and Services, Negotiate Contracts with Vendors, Follow Organizational Policies and Procedures, and Monitor Goods Movement and Performance. A Purchasing Agent, or Product Purchasing Agent, finds and purchases products for a company to use or resell. Their duties include locating suppliers, researching goods, services and materials and processing purchasing orders.

  • Developing profitable purchasing strategies

  • Assessing supplier profiles and analyzing offers

  • Preparing and implementing effective negotiation tactics

  • Researching and comparing suppliers, goods, and services.

  • Selecting the most suitable suppliers in terms of reliability, product quality, and cost-efficiency.

  • Monitoring inventory levels and determining purchase needs.

  • Requesting cost proposals and negotiating contracts and prices.

  • Preparing and processing purchase orders.

  • Maintaining records of all transactions, purchase orders, receipts, and payments.

  • Scheduling and verifying purchase deliveries.

  • Building and maintaining positive, long-term supplier relations.

Sourcing Agent

Sourcing Agent

Sourcing agents are local representatives of a company to guard its interests in foreign origin countries abroad while providing services ranging from supplier selection, to logistics and warehousing, to quality control. In this way, firms can enjoy the many advantages of low-cost country sourcing without facing many of the risks associated with it.


Good sourcing agents have local and industry-specific knowledge that informs the market research they conduct, and the decisions they make in terms of selecting an ideal supplier, managing logistics, and ensuring the quality of products produced.

Sourcing agents in China

Sourcing agents in China are best partners to find low cost sourcing of the products directly form factories. They will work in close collaboration with your company to search, identify, negotiate and handle suppliers in China. ZJELL sourcing agents are full-time specialist or freelancer who helps foreign people in business import goods from China. ZJELL Sourcing Agents have long been associated with the business in China. A sourcing agent can provide a vital link between a Chinese supplier and a foreign customer.

Cost of ZJELL Chinese Sourcing Agent

At ZJELL we charge only 2% of the commission for providing wide range of Sourcing Agent Service in China and help to source directly from Factories in China. There are thousands of people in China trying to make a living by providing this service. If they come from the right industry, you can use their network and save a lot of time. Our ZJELL Sourcing agent can also act as your Chinese representative. 

ZJELL sourcing agent is full-time specialist or freelancer who helps foreign people in business import goods from China and also can provide some extra service with small amounts,  like packaging, customization, ODM, OEM,  dropshipping, fast delivery.


What Does Chinese ZJELL Sourcing Agent Do?
  • Find new products and suppliers

  • Audit existing suppliers

  • Negotiate and draft contracts

  • Guide you the market trends and designs

  • Visit enterprises and conduct quality control

  • Reduce the risk of importing goods from China

  • Manage shipments and logistics process

  • Extra customization services

Benefits of Working with China Sourcing Agents

Select the Best Supplier:
ZJELL sourcing agent in China can help you find a better supplier through a more scientific approval process comprising of supplier pre-qualification, background checks, and factory audits.


Develop of New Products:
You will spend a lot of time developing samples, communicating, and solving problems, and these things will make you feel frustrated. The China agent obviously does these things very well and is more efficient.

Perfect Product Specification System:
Most buyers always expect the factory to provide you with more professional services. Unfortunately, many factories do not have professional personnel to handle these. Therefore, a good sourcing agent in China can help you follow the details

Do Quality Control:
Of course, good sourcing agents in China also pay attention to quality details. They know better how to check the quality, and they also know how to communicate with the factory when the goods have quality problems. This will save you a lot of time.

Reduce Payment Risks:
A good sourcing agent in China always pays attention to his reputation, so you can get better protection when dealing with them.

Get Out of Trouble Fast:
When there are problems with your product after-sale, just think about it, how can you quickly solve these problems by email? If you have a sourcing agent in China, he can stand on your side to protect your interests.

Sourcing agents in China
Sourcing Consultants in India

ZJELL India sourcing agent plays a crucial role in international business. The agent has to identify the best suppliers for sellers. Sourcing Allies is a team of expert China sourcing agents that has helped western customers manufacture and source products from low-cost regions. We are China and India sourcing agents with an expertise in wide range of industries.

Building Materials / Interiors / Chemicals

Cement, Glass, Steel, Tiles, Stones, Wood, Fiber Cement, Gypsum, Calcium Silicates, Doors, Furniture, Paints, Corrosion Resistant Solutions.
Equipments / Machines / Tools / Power Plant

Metallurgical Equipment, Power Plant Equipments, Steel Making Equipment, Industrial Furnaces, Engineering Tools, Spare Parts, Hand Tools, Power Tools.

Consumer Products / Electronics

Foods, Beverages, Vegetable & Fruit Concentrates, Health & beauty care products, cosmetics, Gifts, Toys.
Apparel, Fashion Clothing / Jewelry / Accessories

Clothing, Costumes, Garment Accessories, Sportswear, Wedding Apparel & Accessories, Leather Products, Fashion Accessories, Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear

EPC Contracting / Projects

Industrial Projects, Mining, Chemical Plants, Marine, Defense, Power Plant, Automotive, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Building, Residential Projects.

Metal / Metallurgy / Mining

Steel, Iron, Aluminium, Furnaces, Heavy Engineering, Copper, Foundries, Coal
Industrial Materials & Consumables
Refractories, Ferro Alloys, Raw Materials, Heat Insulation, Protective Coatings, Coking Coal, Copper Molds.

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