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Buy best quality fire door low price 2 hr 120 minutes fire resistant place rated wood doors in India. Fire proof door made of wooden composite panel with high performance light weight low thickness.


What is Fire Door?

Fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe egress from a building or structure or ship. A strong wood frame, an intumescent seal around the door's edges, fire-resistant glass, fire alarms, and devices at the doors that automatically close are just a few of the components that make up this structure. The intumescent seal expands as the temperature increases and covers gaps between the door and the door frame.


1. Specification of 2 Hr 120 minutes wood / timber fire door

Fire and smoke resistant door frame with shutter for 2hrs. fire rating door system duly tested for Stability, Integrity and Insulation criteria clause 9.4 as per IS 3614 Part - 2 and BS 476 Part 22, for single and double leaf doors tested from CBRI Roorkee with Hardware Door Frame (Red Merrantti) of section 145mm x 70mm with heat activated intumescent fire seal strip of size 10mm x 2 mm and one coat of anti-termite fire retardant polish along with minimum 55mm thick fire / smoke check wooden shutters of 120 minutes fire rating comprising of two 9mm thick wedge fire resistant SP1150 calcium silicate board 100% without asbestos, brucite and meerschaum having density not more than 1200 kg/M3 and thermal conductivity 0.14 W/M*k sandwiching 31mm thick fire resistance insulation Wedge AlSi96B filler coated with FR sealant and faced with 3mm thick decorative ply / 1mm laminate facing on both sides and of approved make with heat activated intumescent fire seal stips10mm x 4mm mounted in the grooves of hardwood lipping on three sides except bottom, complete factory finished.



2. Wedge Board StarPan 2Hr 120 Minutes Fire Door Frame and Shutter Specifications

Teak wood door frame of section 145mm X 70mm with heat activated intumescent fire seal strip of section 20mm X 4mm Astroflame and one coat anti termite fire retardant primer of approved brand and fixing in existing opening with dash fastener / chemical fastener of appropriate size.


2 Hr. Fire Door (Size of Door 1200mm X 2400mm) made of 58mm thick asbestos free composite fire / smoke check wooden shutters of 120min. Fire rating confirming to BS:476 Part 22 & IS:3614 Part II comprising of two 9mm Thick wedge starpan SP1150 type of calcium silicate boards a 100% without asbestos, brucite and meerschaum, having density not more than 1050kg/M3 and thermal conductivity 0.14 w/m*k sandwiching 31mm thick fire resistance insulation filler faced with 3mm thick commercial ply facing on both side and faced 1.5mm laminate on both sides with heat activated intumescent fire seal strip of size 20mm X 4mm Astroflame mounted in the grooves of 2nd class teak wood lipping on all sides except bottom. The intumescent sealant is used to fill the gaps between board and internal wooden lipping. The manufacture should submit test report of the wooden fire door of 120minutes fire rating along with vision panel tested from CBRI Roorkee.


Vision Panel:

Minimum 11mm Thick toughened interlayered fire rated glass with light transmission (maximum 85%) and sound reduction of 37dB (Minimum), which can also withstand thermal shock upto 800o C shall be used as a glazing (Vision Panel / top fixed glazing and is to be fixed in between the glass beading by using ceramic fiber and fire rated acrylic sealant in accordance with BS: 476 Part 22 for 120min. Fire rating for stability and integrity of size 300 x 500mm and the manufacturer should have tested the glass from CBRI Roorkee along with the fire rated door for 1hrs. Fire rating / 2hrs. fire rating .


Touch Type stainless steel 304 Grade fire rated panic bars from assa abloy's Lockwood model No­PE­RM/PE­VR Series / Marshall 1000 series or Dorma's PHA Series complying with EN 1125:1997 and shall be tested successfully on fire door assemblies in accordance with EN 1634­1 shall have CE marking according to EN 1125:1997 and shall be tested with the fire doors for 2hrs. fire rating from the CBRI Roorkee for Double Leaf.


Fire Rated door closers from Assa Abloy's Lockwood model no. 2024/ Ingersoll rand (LCN 1460) dorma TS 72/ marshall 3000 series. The door ­ closers are UL228 tested for fire doors, fire tested in accordance of EN 1634­ 3 and for mechanical test to EN 1154 for 50000 cycles and shall be tested with the fire doors for 2 hrs. fire rating from the CBFI Roorkee. Stainless steel panic trim Lockwood / IF / Dorma / Marshall 1007 outside access device for panic bars.

304 Grade stainless steel ball bearing hinges of size 125x89x3mm from Ingersoll rand / assa abloy / dorma / marshall.


Stainless steel 304 Grade D ­ Type pull handle of size 300mm long 22mm dia from assa abloy lockwood model no. 142­4/ Dorma TGDI ­ D / Marshall 7000 series Providing and applying two coats of fire retardant paint on cleaned wood / ply surface @ 3.5 sqmtr per liter per coat including preparation of base surface fire retardant


Fire Door | Fire Rated Wood Doors

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