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Marine grade plywood is waterproof high quality wood most suitable for various applications involving exposure to high moisture or water rain etc. Get low price Marine plywood ready stock at wedge made of special phenolic plastic resin to deliver the surface of the ply waterproof making it moisture resistant.


Types of marine plywood include

  • A-A
  • A-B
  • B-B
  • High-density overlay (HDO)
  • Medium density overlay(MDO)

The grading s done on the basis of three important considerations such as

  • The type of wood used to make the inside veneers and faces of the ply
  • The quality of waterproof glue used
  • The absence of voids


Applications Marine Grade Plywood

As mentioned earlier, marine ply is highly versatile. The void-free arrangement of wooden ply, as well as the adhesive used, are formulated to aid even water submersion it can be used for almost any purpose that requires the use of plywood in the interiors as well as exteriors of the home without having to worry about moisture or contact with water. The other purposes for what marine plywood is used for include

  • Making boats
  • Putting up a lake platform or a fishing platform
  • Building boat docks
  • Deck
  • Bathroom and kitchen walls and subflooring
  • Planter boxes
  • Gazebos
  • Making outdoor benches
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Modular Kitchen


Marine Grade plywood Vs other Plywoods

The Marine ply is made of high-quality wood. The number of plies used in the manufacturing is usually double that of other plywoods and could range between 10-12 layers. Only hardwood plies are used in the manufacturing process. A lot of care goes behind the making of a marine ply in that the planks or sheets of timber are arranged and joined in such a way that there is no crevice.


This feature is supposed to be the reason behind the plywood’s capacity to resist delamination even when in contact with water. Similarly, the glue used in Marine plywood is a synthetic plastic resin which is phenolic formaldehyde resin. This makes the plywood waterproof. Therefore, the type of wood used in the manufacturing process, as well as the type of glue, spells what is the difference between plywood and marine plywood.

Marine Grade Plywood Waterproof Flooring

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