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Plus Size Modeling Agencies | Models Portfolio

Plus-size models, also known as curvy models or full-figured models, are individuals who work in the modeling industry and represent a broader range of body sizes and shapes. They challenge the traditional standards of thinness that have dominated the industry for many years.


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Plus Size Models in India

Plus-size models play a significant role in promoting body diversity and inclusivity in the fashion world. They showcase clothing and fashion accessories designed for people with larger body sizes, helping to create a more realistic and representative image of beauty. The emergence of plus-size models has been instrumental in fostering body positivity and self-acceptance. By featuring models of various sizes, the fashion industry acknowledges that beauty comes in different forms and that all body types should be celebrated.


Find Plus Size Models

Over the years, plus-size models have gained recognition and popularity, both within the fashion industry and in mainstream media. Many of them have become influential figures, using their platforms to advocate for body diversity, healthy body image, and inclusivity.


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What are the Plus-Size Models?
Plus-size models are a category of models who are above the standard sizing used by the fashion industry. There isn’t a real industry-wide definition that has been agreed upon, in terms of actual sizes and boundaries. It’s difficult, therefore, to come up with a precise guideline for the look a woman needs to have in order to fall into this category.

Who are the 12 Most Famous Plus Size Models In The World?
For a long time, Ashley Graham's name was about the only one that would pop to mind when thinking of a famous plus-size model. But as diversity becomes an increasing focus in the fashion industry, more and more plus-size models are becoming household names. From Australians Robyn Lawley and Kate Wasley to the unapologetic Tess Holliday, these women not only have millions of fans on social media but are appearing on the runway, red carpet and cover of magazines.


Why Plus Size Models are in Demand in India?
Plus-size models are in demand because the vast majority of people, particularly women, are actually above the standard sizes demanded by the modeling industry. It becomes unrealistic to see thin women wearing clothing on catalogs, in magazines, on online stores, and in advertising. Instead, sometimes we like to see a woman who has a fuller figure, in keeping with the reality of how women actually look for the most part.


The plus-size model industry is smaller than other areas of the fashion industry, which does still rely on the mainstream image of a slim and tall woman, no matter her race or background. For example, we haven’t yet seen a Victoria’s Secret plus-size model. But it is growing, and that means you may want to find out more about it to keep up with the trends.

Plus Sized Model Jobs
There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to jobs for plus size models. Actually, the potential jobs are almost limitless, but we will list a few options here. These are the kind of roles that you might be available to take up:

  • Catwalk or runway model
  • Editorial, look book, commercial model (having your photograph taken for print and digital campaigns)
  • Catalog or online store model
  • Acting in video advertisements
  • Music video, film, or TV extra
  • Influencer or blogger

There are several reputable modeling agencies that specialize in representing plus-size models. These agencies are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry. Here are some well-known plus-size modeling agencies:

IMG Models: IMG Models is a renowned international modeling agency that represents models of all sizes, including plus-size models. They have a division called "Curve" that focuses specifically on representing curvy and plus-size models.

Wilhelmina Models: Wilhelmina Models is a leading modeling agency that represents a diverse range of models, including plus-size models. They have a dedicated division called "Wilhelmina Curve" that focuses on representing curvy and plus-size talent.

Muse Management: Muse Management is a New York-based modeling agency that represents models of all sizes, including plus-size models. They strive to challenge traditional beauty standards and promote body diversity in the fashion industry.

Ford Models: Ford Models is one of the most established modeling agencies globally and has a division called "Ford+ Models" that represents plus-size models. They have been instrumental in promoting body positivity and inclusivity in the industry.

12+ UK Model Management: 12+ UK Model Management is a London-based agency that exclusively represents plus-size models. They aim to provide opportunities and visibility to curvy models in the fashion industry.

Natural Models LA: Natural Models LA is a Los Angeles-based modeling agency that focuses on representing models of all sizes, including plus-size models. They aim to redefine beauty standards and promote body diversity in the industry.


These are just a few examples of modeling agencies that specialize in plus-size representation. It's important to note that the modeling industry is constantly evolving, and new agencies may emerge. Aspiring plus-size models should research and reach out to agencies that align with their goals and values to pursue opportunities in the industry.

Plus Size Fashion Brands and Designers Who Work with Plus size models
Here are some brands and designers who are known to regularly work with curvier models:

  • John Galliano
  • Lane Bryant
  • Universal Standard
  • Premme
  • ASOS Curve
  • Boohoo Plus
  • Torrid
  • Eloqui

Plus Size Modeling Agencies | Models Portfolio

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