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Find best fit, fitness, fitting model for testing out clothing in sizes that actually will sell most, fashion designs, new clothing manufacturing, visual appearance of a design specifications height, bust-waist-hip circumference, arm and leg length, shoulder width, and a myriad other measurements at ZJELL Modeling Agency.


Why to hire Fit / Fitting models?
Before garments hit the stores, they have to go through a rigorous design process that takes the garment from a simple concept to a finished product. At the heart of the process is the fit model who allows a designer to basically test drives clothing for a market.

Working very much behind-the-scenes and without cameras documenting the process, fit modeling is an invisible but invaluable — and incredibly lucrative — segment of the fashion industry. Armed with perfect proportions and size 6 or 8 physiques, these women play a key role in how the clothing we buy actually fits. And, equally as importantly, how it sells: An awkwardly short hem or chafing armhole can mean thousands, if not millions, of dollars in losses for a brand, due to poorly fit pieces that won't make it to the sales floor; or, if they do, that get returned.

Most brands will use a size 6 (or a 4 or 8, depending on the company) to fine-tune the dimensions and feel of each piece before and after it goes into production, then scale that garment's dimensions to produce other sizing.

Acting as a live mannequin, fit models use modelling traits and skills to help a company’s design team see how the garment looks and moves on a real, live person. Fit modelling isn’t as glamorous as, say, fashion modelling (you’ll never appear in a photo shoot or a runway show) but many models find it satisfying to work side-by-side with the people who make fashion a reality.

At ZJELL all fit models have well-proportioned bodies that meet industry-standard measurements. For female models, clients usually look for someone 5’4’’ to 5’9’’ with measurements of 34-26-37. For male fit models, clients generally prefer a height of 6’1’’ or 6’2’’ with measurements of 39-34-39.

Please note that these numbers represent the typical dimensions of a fit model. Actual numbers may vary from client to client, as everyone’s needs are different. Plus, there is also a demand for children’s, teen, petite, plus size, and even maternity fit models.

Fit models often work strictly behind-the-scenes, yet the demographics seem similarly homogenous to their model counterparts that work on the runways or in front of the camera instead of in the design studio. Finding racially diverse fit models for this series proved to be unexpectedly difficult, which seems to indicate that this sector of the modelling industry is lagging behind in regards to inclusivity. Perhaps this means that fashion brands don't take the bodies of women of color into consideration as much as they should when designing collections, which taps into the ongoing industry- and culture-wide conversation about what a woman's body is supposed to look like — how curvy, if at all, a physique should be — and how clothing ought to fit.



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