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Get best product photography service for white background ecommerce amazon studio ecommerce low price photoshoot photographers at zjell. Get high quality photos for online store, website, printing, catalogs, Amazon, Flipkart, social media, instagram, facebook, whatsapp, Alibaba shops.


Product Photography Prices:

The price includes Product Photoshoot Image Photo Editing Retouching with best software asd tools. 


Price regular product photos

High resolution, clear with pure white background. Professionally shot and edited in our studio.


Process, Terms Conditions for Product Photography Service at ZJELL

1. Book your order online or contact our team to negotiate price and terms.

2. Dispatch or deliver your products to the nearest ZJELL office.

3. Our professional best product photographers will shoot products, creative photo editing service team will develop best quality photos. ZJELL team will send 1 - 2 sample photos for your approval.

4. You make payment against Proforma Invoices as per agreed terms.

5. ZJELL team will complete the project and send link to free download all photos or throguh USB at actual cost. Send your pickup for samples return.


Pricing, Payment, Delivery Terms
1. Price is for per photo. This means if you have 5 products and you want 3 photos each you will be charged for a total of 15 photos.

2. For first time customer or large order or potential startups we offer discount coupons to get coupon code contact our local team.

3. Before starting your project we will send you payment link and coupon code to pay. 

4. Delivery format high resolution 300 DPI jpeg using maximum quality settings measuring 3000×3000 pixels in size. Depending on product shape, excess white space may be cropped leaving the longest dimension at least 3000 pixels while the other dimension is cropped to fit the shape of the product being photographed.

5. After completion of the project we will send link to download your high resolution images. We can also courier the photos in the USB drive at actual cost. 


What is product photography?

Product photography is an essential part of both online and offline advertising for successful catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and company websites, specifically when selling products direct to consumer. We at ZJELL specialize in white background product photography, lifestyle photography, and outdoor photography for your website, online store, the Amazon marketplace, print, and more. We have good team of photographers, editors, and designers perfecting our process to make it easy to work with us no matter your location.


Why you need real and good photos for your business?

  • Establish confidence and trust in customer's mind
  • Get fresh look to your products
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Create excellent first impression of your company
  • Easy to brand positioning
  • showcases products in an attractive way
  • Entice potential buyers to purchase specific products
  • Keep competition away and stand out
  • High quality photos sell more product
  • Improve customer confidence
  • The quality of a product photo reflects your brand image
  • Avoid duplication with competitors
  • Avoid copyright issues


Product images not only testify to the quality of your product, but also serve as windows into your ecommerce store, creating more transparency and trust. When consumers view a product page, they are looking for proof of quality and value.


Features and Benefits of our Product Photography:

  • Highly compatible with all websites and social media
  • Editable with changing background
  • Multiple sizes for most suitable for website and printing


Types of Product Photography:

1. White background, Product-only Photos Individual shots: Featured product, and a variety of images showcasing your product from different angles. Product-only images are generally the most suited for product pages, as they have a significantly higher rate of conversion. One of the most common types of product photos, the individual shot contains only one object in the frame. These are often featured in product catalogs, banner images and throughout product pages to showcase individual products independently from the full collection.

2. Scale shots: Helps users get a better ideas of the size of the product.

3. Detailed shots: A close up view to highlight specific product features. For products with small intricacies that require a close-up, including jewelry and other small items, detailed shots help highlight specific product features that a traditional photo might not catch. This type of photography often requires specific light and camera settings, such as a macro lens, to capture those delicate shots.

4. Group shots: Groups of products showcased together. Often used for product kits and collections, group photography displays the range and variety of your products and gives the customer a more complete view of your offering. These types of images are perfect for social media posts and advertisements, as they give shoppers a taste of your brand as a whole, rather than just one product.

5. Packaging shots: An image of the product’s packaging. Believe it or not, customers care about packaging.

6. Lifestyle photos: This type of photography is where you get to show your products in action. To show how your product being used in reality or alongside complementing products. Lifestyle shots, ones that tell a story, are best suited for social media, blog posts, emails, and other marketing channels at the top of your conversion funnel.

7. In-Context Images: To show your product page in helping to boost emotional engagement. The perceived value of your products is directly impacted by the quality of your product photography.


All types of Photography Services offered by ZJELL:

For more details please visit our photography page.

Product Photography Locations New Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Lucknow.

Product Photography White Background Ecommerce

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