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Why "Outbound Marketing" is becoming less effective ?

The purpose of marketing is to increase the shareholders’ wealth by increasing profits. Marketing is mix of communication activities to increase Demand Generation, Brand Awareness, Brand Preference, and Brand Loyalty. To achieve target profit growth objectives faster and in most effective & efficient manners it requires a perfect mix of both Outbound & Inbound Marketing.

Outbound Marketing communication includes TV and radio ads, telemarketing, banner and display ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, cold calling, pop-ups, contextual ads, etc.

With continuous increase of internet & mobile users Outbound marketing communication – is now considered as uninvited, unwanted, interruptive, even at the extent of irritating by most target audiences.

Limitations of Outbound Marketing

1. People can skip TV ads by recording their favorite shows and fast-forwarding through the commercials and with so many online streaming services, TVs don’t even get that many viewers anymore.

2. Digital music and satellite radio makes it easy for people to avoid radio advertising.

People get their news from the Internet, so no one sees the print advertising in the newspapers any more.

3. Online banner ads are blocked by ad blockers. Even if they don’t get blocked, they have very low visibility due to a symptom called banner blindness.

4. About 85% Email sales letters mostly wind up in the spam folder or doesn’t even get opened.

5. About 55% of direct mail is never opened. So don’t bother wasting those paper and postage fees.

6. With do-not-call lists, telemarketing is a thing of the past or just plain annoying.

7. Outdoor billboards are even less effective. Pay a huge sum of money to display your message to people who are driving either in heavy irritating traffic congestions or at high speed 80 km/hr focus on the road.

The Inbound Marketing / Content marketing proved more effective with more than 80% ROI and increased leads & customers with very low marketing budget.

At ZJELL we offer wide range of Inbound Marketing services to achieve target marketing objectives at much lower cost. Our services include: Blogs, SEO, Word of Mouth, Newsletter, Infographics, Online Videos, Reviews, Image Galaries, Slideshares, Social Media Posts, Case Studies, Podcasts, Webinars, Events, etc.

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